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Steps to Invention Success... Where are you? By Brian Fried

  1. Starts with an idea in your head, on a napkin, text, email or leave yourself a voice message to capture your idea before it disappears!
  2. Attempt for intellectual property protection, including provisional, design, non provisional or utility patent and/or trademark.
  3. Bringing your product to life-computer drawings (CAD), identify materials needed and make a prototype.
  4. Licensing-preparing for licensees and representation.
  5. Manufacturing-preparing for production and tooling quotes, broker representation.
  6. Marketing- packaging, sales sheets, demo videos, preparing for the pitch to retailers, web and social media presence.
  7. Making the decision of licensing and manufacturing and discussing distribution channels- box big retailers, catalog, as seen on tv, specialty retailers, online retailers, etc.
  8. Increase your opportunities with your invention- get some press!
  9. Enjoy the process and make some $$!
  10. Start all over again!
Brian Fried

Here’s to You and Your Big Ideas!

You and Your Big Ideas - A Resource Guide for Inventors, Innovators and Entrepreneurs By Brian Fried

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